How to clean stainless steel faucets

In fact, there are a lot of tips in life can make our furniture and sanitary ware to maintain a good degree of cleanliness it, this need you to experiment and use it yourself; clever use of orange peel stainless steel faucet often keep as new solution to the problem is not only one, the key in whether you are attentive to observe. Stainless steel faucet in the long-term use of the process of foggy or surface hairy, because the scale attached to the surface of the metal, so our task is to remove the scale. First, squeeze a little toothpaste on the stainless steel faucet, then gently scrub with a toothbrush, rinse with water, with a do not want the old stockings to light, and then use orange peel in the metal surface to play again (because orange peel contains fruit acids can maintain stainless steel jewelry) can make it shiny as new.

  Home trick

  To prepare salt and vinegar, salt and vinegar mix together, stir, so that the salt is fully diluted in the vinegar, and then heating, heating, with an absorbent sponge or rag dipped in the liquid, and then put the place with rust, cover 20-30 minutes.

  After half an hour has passed, use a rough cloth dipped in salt and vinegar mixture and scrub hard to remove the stubborn rust stains easily. If you use the soft cloth and toothpaste method, please pay attention to the degree of force, careful toothpaste will be your valuable faucet grinding out small traces, it is best to use the current crystal body toothpaste

  What conditions in daily life tend to cause stainless steel to rust

  This surface film is damaged in many forms, the following are common in daily life.

  1, kitchen renovation, welding chips, cement, oil and other residues in the faucet, sink surface, not timely cleaning may cause rust, mold;

  2, sometimes, the newly renovated house with mineral or acidic and alkaline dust floating down in the faucet, sink surface in the damp will also cause "floating rust" appear;

  In the process of use.

  1, kitchen knives, scissors, bottle openers and other steel items placed on the surface of the sink for a long time, will cause floating rust, mold or discoloration;

  2, chemicals, cleaning agents, paints, sauces, oils and other residues in the faucet, sink, over time, will cause moldy sticky faucet, sink surface;

  3, many areas of China's poor water quality, coupled with too many water pipes for galvanized pipes, the content of iron and other elements in the water is too high, the sink after use, if more water residue, over time, the iron in the water will rust, especially new house renovation, such as water pipes in the long-term residual water in the sink left water stains are not cleaned in time, it is easy to cause floating rust.

  In addition these two basic substances can destroy the passivated surface layer of stainless steel, corrosion of its.

  First, mechanical abrasives

  Is something that will scratch the surface of the steel, such as: steel wipe, metal wire brush and metal debris, etc.

  Second, bleaching agent

  It can be found everywhere. It exists in water, in food, in salt. One of them comes from household and industrial cleaners.

  Stainless steel rusting treatment tips

  How to prevent stainless steel faucets and sinks from rusting? To ensure that the brightness of the metal surface is not rusted, we recommend: frequent cleaning and scrubbing of decorative stainless steel surfaces to remove adhesions and eliminate external factors that trigger rusting.


Care and cleaning

The quality of the water jet can be improved by cleaning or replacing the so-called aerator. Never spray cleaning agents directly onto mixers or showers


The spray from overhead sprinklers flows unevenly from the sprinklers. Can not form fine spray condition. What should I do?

Clean the spout. For this, it is best to use a plastic scraper. Run the scraper through the spray nozzle completely in the case of running water. Particles can be rinsed off immediately.


What types of common taps do we have in life

Ordinary cold water faucet:Also called tap water faucet. It is installed in the tap line and used to release water. According to the valve body material can be divided into copper faucet, malleable iron faucet and cast iron faucet 3 kinds, the latter two are more widely used. The nominal diameter is generally 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm, and the nominal pressure is 0.6MPa.


How to properly maintain stainless steel faucets?

Most of the faucets used in modern decoration are made of stainless steel, good-looking appearance, practical and durable, but in the use of such products should also pay attention to maintenance, so that the product life is also longer, I am here to teach you how to properly maintain stainless steel faucets.