The water from the pull-out faucet is very small, how should I solve it?

The water pressure is too small

Faucet working pressure is 1 bar to 12 bar, the normal working pressure is 3 bar (3 kg water pressure), the flow can reach about 8L, may be your home water pressure is not enough . This situation may occur in the high floor of the home, encounter insufficient water pressure, resulting in water can not play up, the water is very little condition.

Filter clogging

Some faucets to prevent into the sand added a filter, unscrew the faucet interface to see if there is anything clogged filter.

Large amount of water in the house

If more than one place is using a lot of water at the same time, the amount of water coming out will be diverted, and the water coming out will definitely be reduced.

The water valve is turned down

If someone has turned the valve down, then less water is definitely coming out. There are also reasons why there is a problem with the valve.


Care and cleaning

The quality of the water jet can be improved by cleaning or replacing the so-called aerator. Never spray cleaning agents directly onto mixers or showers


The spray from overhead sprinklers flows unevenly from the sprinklers. Can not form fine spray condition. What should I do?

Clean the spout. For this, it is best to use a plastic scraper. Run the scraper through the spray nozzle completely in the case of running water. Particles can be rinsed off immediately.


What types of common taps do we have in life

Ordinary cold water faucet:Also called tap water faucet. It is installed in the tap line and used to release water. According to the valve body material can be divided into copper faucet, malleable iron faucet and cast iron faucet 3 kinds, the latter two are more widely used. The nominal diameter is generally 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm, and the nominal pressure is 0.6MPa.


How to properly maintain stainless steel faucets?

Most of the faucets used in modern decoration are made of stainless steel, good-looking appearance, practical and durable, but in the use of such products should also pay attention to maintenance, so that the product life is also longer, I am here to teach you how to properly maintain stainless steel faucets.