Classification of pull-out faucets and the advantages of the introduction

  When it comes to pull-out faucets everyone is no stranger to a good partner for a large single basin. Now the popularity of pull-out faucets in the family kitchen is increasing, because compared to traditional faucets (non-pull-out faucets), pull-out faucets are more flexible and can achieve full sink coverage, no dead-end cleaning. And non-pull-out faucet can only meet the daily cleaning needs, relatively rigid, not flexible enough. The first feeling after using the pull-out faucet is convenient, whether you are washing dishes and pots, or cleaning the sink, pull-out faucet can easily handle.

  Especially for families with children, pull-out faucet will be more intimate, children wash their hands, you can directly pull out the faucet cleaning, not to reach.

  A, pull-out faucet classification.

  The reason why you want to buy pull-out faucet is frankly to see the flexibility of the faucet, so as long as you ensure that the faucet can be moved flexibly, you can achieve a large range of water and focus on cleaning the pull-out faucet.

  1, spring pull-out faucet, it is the use of universal rotation and hose expansion and contraction to achieve the pull-out, to ensure the functionality of the face is also very good. The advantage of spring pull-out faucet is that there is no gravity ball, just rely on the original exposed hose to achieve the effect of pull-out faucet, so the sink under the debris is no longer afraid of interference. But the scope of use compared to the traditional pull-out faucet to be smaller, because the flexible movement is only the upper part of the leak out of the hose.

  2, the traditional pull-out faucet, the traditional pull-out faucet, it is mainly relying on the support tube, hose and gravity ball to achieve. When the faucet is pulled out, you can use the hose to achieve free change of direction and range, and use the gravity ball to pull back when retrieved. The biggest advantage of this traditional pull-out faucet is the wide range of pull-out, the length of the hose can reach 40cm-60cm. but must ensure that the space around the gravity ball, to avoid the sink under the debris interference gravity ball or pull-out tube, resulting in the faucet can not be retracted back.

  Second, the advantages of pull-out faucet

  1, cleaning a large range. Pull-out faucet can not only pull out, but also 360 degrees of rotation, rinse the countertop and wash pots and pans are much more convenient.

  2, kind of water outlet mode. Pull-out faucet has 2 kinds of water mode, respectively, column water (bubbling water) and jet water (shower water), shower type water range is large and soft, suitable for cleaning fruits and vegetables, do not worry about the damage caused by the impact of water flow on fruits and vegetables. Basin type pull-out faucet, wash a hair in the morning is also quite convenient.

  3, accurate automatic return. Part of the pull-out faucet has an automatic return function, after use, just release the faucet, it will automatically return to the main body. The United States Moen's full range of pull-out faucet, are equipped with reflex with the heart control system, you can achieve the heart pull, with the end that automatically return to the position.


Care and cleaning

The quality of the water jet can be improved by cleaning or replacing the so-called aerator. Never spray cleaning agents directly onto mixers or showers


The spray from overhead sprinklers flows unevenly from the sprinklers. Can not form fine spray condition. What should I do?

Clean the spout. For this, it is best to use a plastic scraper. Run the scraper through the spray nozzle completely in the case of running water. Particles can be rinsed off immediately.


What types of common taps do we have in life

Ordinary cold water faucet:Also called tap water faucet. It is installed in the tap line and used to release water. According to the valve body material can be divided into copper faucet, malleable iron faucet and cast iron faucet 3 kinds, the latter two are more widely used. The nominal diameter is generally 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm, and the nominal pressure is 0.6MPa.


How to properly maintain stainless steel faucets?

Most of the faucets used in modern decoration are made of stainless steel, good-looking appearance, practical and durable, but in the use of such products should also pay attention to maintenance, so that the product life is also longer, I am here to teach you how to properly maintain stainless steel faucets.